A SENIOR Eurocrat sparked fury yesterday after attacking the British Press for its Brexit coverage and suggesting there could be a clampdown (on the press)

This is a big part of what Brexit is all about. The European pols in Brussels don’t get that they are being left behind. They are still in “Davos Man” mode. They refuse to accept Brexit, or an invigorated more assertive Italy and Poland, or Trump, or the other major political changes of the last three years or so.

This mentality was nicely illustrated in an op-ed in The Daily Mail from June 2016;

“In any case, most people here still cannot really believe that we pesky Brits really would have the temerity to abandon the Grand Project. But then, if you live in this hermetically sealed bubble — a world of long lunches, long weekends and retail discounts worth 36 per cent — your grasp of normality is somewhat distorted.”

Brussels is a swamp on par with, if not surpassing Washington, DC. Wonks in the European capital even have special shopping centers and restaurants just for them. At least in DC the public can in theory access most of the same stores and eateries. In theory the representatives in DC are at least elected.

That this eurocrat sings the praises of the old media in the attached article highlights the cozy relationship the centers of power and the old media have had for a very long time on both sides of the Atlantic. The center-Left has always considered itself the respectable part of the political spectrum, and the old media helped to reinforce this narrative for decades. Now that THE PEOPLE are able to share information and put two and two together however, the old school politicos don’t like it. Now that THE PEOPLE are paying attention the neo-aristocracy thinks maybe censorship isn’t such a bad idea.

(From The Daily Mail)

Vera Jourova made the apparent threat after the front page of a newspaper mocked-up EU leaders as Prohibition-era gangsters following their ambush of Theresa May at the Salzburg summit last week.

The Sun’s article was singled out by the EU’s justice commissioner, before she went on to claim Brexit is the ‘best example’ of the media causing ‘division’ rather than ‘building dialogue’.

Her talking points are echoed by many here in this country. For some, speaking the truth, peeling back the layers of the nonsense in the political world and holding a light to it causes “division.”

In a sense that is correct. The world is moving on and separating itself from the old post World War II political class to a very large degree. It’s not a big surprise the old political class isn’t keen on this development.

Davos Man and Woman reined supreme for 25 years. Now the winds of change blow. It’s about time.

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