AC2 NEWS Weekly Crony News Roundup 9-16-2018

Darkness at Noon

Janet Yellen, Former Fed Chair, Wants Fed To Blow Up More Bubbles


USAID Spends $89.7 Million Finding Jobs for 55 Afghan Women


The Once Golden State: California’s poverty rate is still the highest in the nation



CA Gov. Brown appoints church choir director (and school buddy) as head of workers comp appeal board, Pay? $147,778/year plus benis


60 Days in Jail for Being an Airbnb Host? Miami Beach Mayor Wants City to Consider It.


The Idea That the Fed Is ‘Independent’ Is Absurd



Beware the Press’s Self-Serving Calls to Regulate Social Media (The old media are making a crony move)


Don’t Be Fooled, There Was Nothing ‘Financial’ About the 2008 Crisis


OxyContin maker gets patent for drug to treat opioid addiction