Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $3,500 Suit Fits a Longstanding Socialist Tradition


We must remember the Ms. Ocasio-Cortez grew up in hedge fund country, Westchester County New York, not The Bronx as she said. But that aside.

There is a type of political person who thinks that because in their mind they are working “for the people,” that the benefits they derive from the state (at the cost of taxpayers) are perfectly legitimate. The Kennedys, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, Bernie Sanders, the list extends like the equation for Pi.

Socialism works for the socialists first, then the underlings in the bureaucracy, then scraps are thrown to “the people.” (Until the economy has been exhausted and twisted to the point of dysfunction of course.) It’s a big crony con. But because so many people are taken with envy, and the desire to place the reason for their troubles at the feet of others, people fall for the con. Over and over and over.

How many $3,500 suits have you worn?

(From FEE)

This was not her first encounter with pretense: taking ride-sharing firm Uber to task for “exploitation” on Twitter in early March 2018 didn’t keep her and her campaign from amassing thousands of dollars’ worth of rides with the company (and others) between 2017 and 2018 (some for distances resulting in decidedly non-“living wage” fares of less than $1.00).

In fact, though, there is no hypocrisy afoot. The significance of Cortez’ suit and shoe combo—the cost of which is more than the monthly salary of the average American as of 2nd Qtr 2018—is not antithetical to socialism but completely consistent with it.

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