Beware the Press’s Self-Serving Calls to Regulate Social Media (The old media are making a crony move)

Remember this guy? The old media wouldn’t give him the time of day.


Oh no RUSSIANS! People are too stupid to pick out fake news. Putin and his henchmen are behind every anti-Hillary or pro-Trump tweet! Something must be done. For our democracy!

(Notice that it’s always “democracy” and not the proper REPUBLIC.) The great unwashed elected that IDIOT in the White House! We have lost control over the narrative. We are the ones who are supposed to be telling everyone what to think. Social media is so divisive. We preferred it when everyone was passive and lapped up whatever biased tripe we fed them as news. The public are the problem. Screw speech. Lock down Facebook and Twitter forever! And where’s Alex Jones? Has he not been sent to the deplorable detention center yet?  


Of course the old media complain about the new media. We are their competition. Of course the old media wants the government to “regulate” social media (really speech). They want you to consume their product. It is they you see who do legitimate journalism, you know like the Chris Cuomo Show.

The effort to regulate social media is a crony move and one it must be noted that is endorsed by no lesser crony than George Soros himself.

(From Reason)

Even better—the oversight board could be staffed by current or former members of the established press. After all, who better than they to determine what content is in the public interest? And perhaps it just so happens that their current or former institutions happen to be the most trustworthy, and therefore the most often allowed on social media platforms…

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