Boris Johnson accuses Theresa May of wrapping ‘suicide vest’ around Britain – and handing detonator to Brussels in a scathing criticism of her ‘feeble’ Brexit negotiations and Chequers deal

The cronies hate Brexit. Soros and his ilk have done everything they can to derail the will of British voters. The idea that Brits would stand up to the German empire by bureaucrat annoys them to no end.

(From The Daily Mail)

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson continued to attack Britain’s Brexit deal in an opinion article Sunday, saying Prime Minister Theresa May had strapped a “suicide vest” to the United Kingdom’s constitution and “handed the detonator” to Brussels…

…Johnson’s colorful critique echoes the sentiment — if not the language — of anti-Europe members of Parliament who are urging May’s government to “chuck Chequers” and start again.

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