China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens (It won’t stay in China)

“I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.” – V



In China we are getting a preview of what could happen here in the not too distant future.

The state always wants to expand. That is its nature. Once it controls one aspect of life it moves on to another aspect of life. There are precious few places in our country, supposedly “the land of the free,” where government doesn’t extend its tentacles already. But in China, the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State, it is far worse. A true hive mind is taking shape dominated by a crony class. There is literally nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. And as the attached article points out, many people are just fine with that in China.

It’s very much worth noting that Google is working with the Chinese Communist government to develop some of these tools.

Our liberties have been slipping away from us for a very long time, but we’ll lose them completely if we don’t assert ourselves pretty much now.

Our recent track record is not strong however. Even though WE HAVE A 4TH AMENDMENT for instancewe seem afraid to insist that it be honored.


The system will be enforced by the latest in high-tech surveillance systems as China pushes to become the world leader in artificial intelligence.

Surveillance cameras will be equipped with facial recognition, body scanning and geo-tracking to cast a constant gaze over every citizen.

What is particularly sad is that a certain percentage of the American population will welcome their place in a perpetually watched society. Too many people today now fear themselves and any sense of discomfort. This is what the politically correct “safe spaces” thing is all about. Some people want to be insulated from all risk and unease. If the state can create such a “safe space” for them they will cheer it on. They are happy to be mindless cogs in a machine. It’s less uncomfortable.

Welcome to The Brave New World! Now sit down, shut up, and do as you are told. (If you know what’s good for you.)

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