Conn. Workers Sue SEIU for Back Dues

After weeks and weeks of hanging around
I finally got a job in New York town
In a bigger place, bigger money too
Even joined the union and paid my dues

Now, a very great man once said
That some people rob you with a fountain pen
It don’t take too long to find out
Just what he was talking about – Bob Dylan*

“Your money, or your job”

Unions, like government, work for themselves first. And they “need” your money and will take it by force if they “have to.” (Or a least that used to be OK. It is no longer by law.)

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

Employees with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are suing the state chapter of Service Employees International Union, Local 2001, to win back dues and agency fees the state required them to pay as a condition of employment. The suit comes just months after the Supreme Court declared forced-dues schemes in the public sector an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment.

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*Hey, times change.