Crony capitalismo en La Argentina: Former president Kirchner appears in Argentine court over corruption

Two decades ago the socialistish “Pink Tide” swept across South America. Now many of the leaders of the Tide are behind bars or may soon be.

From Venezuela to Brazil to Argentina the crony capitalists of the ‘social justice’ variety have proven all too similar to the crony capitalists they replaced. In some cases they were much worse.

(From Yahoo News)

Two weeks after the Senate voted to partially lift senator Kirchner’s congressional immunity so that investigators could search her three homes for evidence linking her to the so-called notebooks corruption case, she was back before Claudio Bonadio, the judge leading the corruption investigation…

…The 65-year-old, president from 2007 to 2015 after succeeding her late husband Nestor, is suspected of having accepted millions of dollars in bribes from businessmen in exchange for public works contracts.

“Public works” or “infrastructure” is always a crony plum. The bigger the project the better.

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