Cultural Marxism on the March at Cornell: Students told if they are “privileged” or “oppressed” at student orientation.

Here’s a newsflash. If you are going to Cornell, no matter your ethnicity, your gender, your disability status, your age, your ethnic origin, YOU ARE PRIVILEGED.

In the USA the “class struggle” bit didn’t work. We didn’t have the deep class lines of Europe. Nearly everyone considered themselves middle class and as such respect for private property, hard work, and thrift were widely held values. The marxists could not find traction with everyday people in America. Indeed, everyday people were keenly aware of the danger to fundamental freedoms marxism represented.

However, in the wake of the utter destruction of the global marxist movement 25 years ago, a new critique has emerged – cultural marxism. And it has an oddly almost Hitler-esce flavor. But now it’s not Jews who are privileged and controlling everything keeping people down, it’s those evil straight white males. They are the source of your problems. The deplorables are the reason you don’t have what you want.

Hitler was a socialist who superimposed race over the marxist class struggle. That is exactly what we are seeing today from the cultural “marxists.” It’s a weird and sick bit of political poetry.

That this argument is being made at an Ivy League school (though admittedly one of the “lesser ivys”) is ludicrous and it is anti-liberal. It is anti-Enlightenment.

(From Campus Reform)

According to the document, if you speak “accented English” you are marginalized or oppressed compared to “‘proper’ English” speakers who are privileged.  If your parents are married or “in a heterosexual relationship” you are privileged while “divorced; LGBTQ parent; domestic partnership” and “single parent” individuals are oppressed.

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