Dallas local TV ratings should make the rest of the NFL nervous

Roger Staubauch


Anthem, no anthem, brain injuries, no brain injuries, the NFL is a deeply crony organization and that is a key reason why fans should consider their NFL fanhood. Team owners get cushy deals with cities. The NFL enjoys tax advantages that it really should not. Taxpayers foot the bill for stadiums that shouldn’t be built.

But, for many people the NFL still has a place in their hearts. It is part of life in the fall. Better to miss church than miss the Redskins game. Plus some people just love to bet on games.

Has the NFL seen its peak? We think it’s possible, even likely. Will it disappear? That is unlikely. There are just too many interests that perpetuate the league. But it might no longer be number one. It may see a trajectory like that of baseball. Popular, but not what it was.

We won’t shed any tears.

(From The USA Today)

The NFL could theoretically treat this as a function of the localized market, but that might not be the right way to look at things. If Dallas is a leading indicator of television ratings, then the NFL is in for a long year of ratings dips and questions about what is wrong with the NFL television product.

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