Disney, Crony Capitalism, and the future direction of the GOP

If the GOP wants to be the party of special deals for business, there’s already a party that plays that game better than it does.

The Republicans would instead be wise to get some religion and call out crony capitalism where they see it, especially within GOP ranks. The cause of free markets and free enterprise is a noble one and one the Republicans, in theory, are supposed to support.

If the GOP doesn’t call out cronyism it undermines any pro-market rhetoric the public may hear from the party. In fact, it was the GOP’s acquiescence on things like the bank bailouts, and other economic intervention that sewed the seeds of the increased infatuation with statism we see today coming from some parts of the political sphere. How are people supposed to believe in markets if the supposed party of free markets undermines the free market?

(From the National Review)

From Tesla’s unfathomable demands of federal, state, and local officials, to Amazon’s high-profile beauty-contest debacle, to Disney’s hotel subsidies, to small-town real-estate giveaways, one party has a chance brand itself as a party of opportunity, of freedom, and of truly free markets…

… Right now, the long game that will protect or create Republican majorities, from Orange County, Calif., to the Eastern Seaboard, is to refuse to associate conservatism with cronyism.

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