Emmanuel Macron calls Brexit campaign leaders ‘liars,’ in extraordinary attack

Europe continues to try to bully Britain. The German empire by bureaucrat is threatened deeply by Brexit and as such the French and the Germans have done everything they can to make things as difficult as possible in the wake of the vote.

The EU is a grand crony scheme. Brussels is even swampier than Washington, DC in many respects. People like George Soros want a United States of Europe to counter the United States which they resent. That Britain would willingly leave their club drives them nuts.

Government, generally speaking should be as close to the people as possible. Vast swathes under one jurisdiction disempowers the individual and empowers the political class. This is true in the USA and it is true in China and it is true in Europe.

(From The Independent)

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, said he still did not believe the UK would crash out of the EU without a deal – but insisted the EU would be ready if it did.

“No deal is not my working assumption, but would it happen, then we are prepared because the Commission has prepared in detail all the elements of consequences of a no-deal.”

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