Ex-Trump strategist says FDA chief has ‘lost his mind’ on move to ban flavored e-cigarettes

As a smoker of 10 years, and as one who has not smoked for just as long now, I can say that e-cigarettes are (generally speaking) good things. I never used them, but back in the days of quitting they probably would have been helpful. They’ve certainly helped people I know. Banning them makes little sense. What? Should nicotine addicts just go back to Virginia Slims or something? So what if the vapes are “flavored”? Why ban such a thing for adults? I thought we were learning the prohibition lesson in the USA.

Might there be something other than teen use driving this decision? And we don’t mean Puritanism. Are there possible crony elements at play here? The FDA perpetuates crony capitalism in many other areas.

Small government. Remember that? Small government.

(From The Hill)

“What the FDA chief is proposing here — Scott Gottlieb — is not to, say, limit teenagers from being able to buy this, it’s not educating people it might be harmful but to banning it entirely for everybody including adults, which seems to me that he has lost his mind,” Matt Braynard told Hill.TV co-hosts Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball.

“He is formerly of the [American Enterprise Institute], a very free market institute … just banning this product from the market wholesale would have tremendous costs — there’s great risk reduction in allowing these vaping products on the market,” he continued.

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