Federal Employees Have Higher Pay, More Job Security Than Private Sector

Federal employees constitute the heart of the swamp. Aren’t they supposed to working FOR us, not against us?

(From Mises)

I have lots of friends who work for the federal government. Most privately confess that they know that are making out like bandits.

That makes two of us Mr. Mitchell. It is really a joke. Many of us work in the private sector, pay high rates of taxation, and get NOTHING but a headache back for our money. Meanwhile federal employees can’t be fired, have cushy benefits, and get to retire with a pension on our dime. Yet many taxpayers have no idea what’s going on. (Or don’t want to know.)

In the attached article one can see how out of whack government employee compensation is. Government employees are to work at the pleasure of the people. They are OUR employees. But they sure don’t act like it. Why have we never in the history of this country just laid off say 10% of federal employees and returned the money paid them to the taxpayers? Why? Because that’s not how our crony system works. The federal employees work the system. You are busy trying to provide for your family.

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