Google is tracking REAL smog levels in the USA, In China Google will report what the government tells them to report

Google has made a business decision. It has decided that “not doing evil” isn’t profitable enough. Instead it has entered into a deal with the, well, the Communist Party of China.And not reporting real smog levels in perhaps the smoggiest country on Earth is just part of Google’s new cozy crony relationship. Google’s “Firefly” project, of which the smog recording efforts are a part, seeks to censor the Internet in China for the benefit of the state’s political class.

As we’ve pointed out, other countries are watching this beta test.

(From Breitbart)

However, despite Google’s apparent dedication to climate activism in the U.S. and Europe, it would seem that in China, its commitment to the cause may not be so strong. In a report on Google’s new China-based censored search product, called Dragonfly, the Intercept reported that the search engine will only return pollution results provided by the Chinese state…

…So while it seems Google is willing to fight for climate issues in the U.S., in the Chinese market — where their reporting of air quality levels could affect them financially — the tech firm suddenly becomes very compliant with the Chinese state’s official data on pollution levels.

It’s the crony way.

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