Here comes Florence, ‘Catastrophic’ flooding event inland?

Hurricane Florence is churning south of Bermuda as of this writing. But it has the US southeast in its sites.

Your editor grew up in Virginia Beach and has been through more than a couple of hurricanes, though never a “major” hurricane as Florence is predicted to be at landfall.

The thing that may define this storm historically could be the rain that happens away from the coast along the Appalachians (where your editor now resides.) Some weather models are calling for 2 FEET or MORE of rain in a swathe through North Carolina and Virginia.

If things get interesting here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge we promise to give you a first hand account.

One thing that is particularly concerning is that the ground in this part of the country is already saturated from a very wet summer and it’s been raining steadily for three days now. If there is any significant wind there could be trees down all over. Insurance adjusters start your engines.

(From The USA Today)

“This is very scary rain event potentially setting up this week,” Rossi said. “Florence could dump a foot of rain in places that cannot handle it, making for a very scary flooding situation in some areas.”

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Below is an example of what can happen if a hurricane gets hung up in the Appalachians. In 1969 the county just south of Charlottesville, Virginia was devastated even though Hurricane Camille came ashore along the Gulf Coast.