If The FDA Worries About Safety At All, It is The Safety of Giant Company Profits

A good example is how the FDA is now protecting us from smoking pipe tobacco.

Small tobacco shops that used to produce custom blends for pipes can no longer do so. If they try, they will be regulated as manufacturers and must spend millions on compliance, with every single blend treated as a new product. The result: tobacco custom blends are still sold, but only by giant companies. Pipe smokers still smoke but only by paying monopoly prices to giant companies. The same pattern applies to everything the FDA does.

(From Forbes)

The FDA’s new regs will put most of these cigar companies out of business by subjecting each new blend to a costly, complicated approval process that involves some 5,000 hours of testing and could take years to complete. Makers must prove that each new cigar is “substantially equivalent to” (whatever that means) the blends sold before.

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