Inside (the Massachusetts) secret courts

Courts can be time consuming. Courts can be expensive. But there is a reason we have (are supposed to have) public courts.
The justice system always needs light shining into it. Judges, in this case not even judges, in some cases people without even law degrees, meting out “justice” behind closed, locked doors seems anathema to our American legal system. Yet, in The Bay State this happens.

(The FISA courts are also secret, but that’s a different horrible story.)

(From The Boston Globe)

The quality of justice behind the clerks’ closed doors can depend on where the hearing is held, who you know, or the color of your skin, according to a Spotlight Team investigation. It’s a land of arbitrary second chances, where the powerful, the privileged, and the lucky can see serious charges like reckless endangerment of a child and motor vehicle homicide quietly swept away in private hearings.

Call them “Kennedy courts.”

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