More Late Stage Socialism: Venezuela: Government responsible for ‘one of the worst human rights crisis in its history’ – new report


Socialism, as we’ve often explained, is inherently crony. Socialism works for the socialists (the nomenklatura or crony class) first, then the underling bureaucrats, and then “the people” get the scraps of whatever is left after the productive part of the economy is pillaged. This is generally true, though there are cases that are worse than others. Socialism isn’t about “being nice” or “being just.” This is how it is sold and it is admittedly what many “socialists” think they are all about. But as the socialist system grinds down, the powers that be become more concerned with themselves as the scraps become leaner and fewer for “the people.” Almost invariably the nomenklatura must then resort to violence to keep the unsustainable order in “order.” Such is/was the case in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Mao’s China, Cambodia, and The Soviet Union.

(From Amnesty International)

The Venezuelan government is responsible for the “one of the worst human rights crisis in its history”, intentionally using lethal force against the most vulnerable in society, Amnesty International said today (September 20), as it published its latest research into violence and abuse in the country.

The 58-page report – This is no way to live: Public security and the right to life in Venezuela – shows how the Venezuelan government is failing to protect its people amidst alarming levels of insecurity in the country, instead implementing repressive and deadly measures.

It should be noted that Venezuela was not so long ago a reasonably rich and reasonably (though still crony) well run country. Those days are gone.

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