More Musk Mayhem: Tesla shares plunge as Wall Street throws in towel, saying Musk departure could cost stock $130

Who knows? Musk has friends in politics who want to see him succeed. Maybe someone will save his bacon.

But maybe Soros is waiting for a $170 handle to come in and pick up the company. Seems it would have to go lower than that though given Tesla’s apparently systemic problems. At $300 a share it’s not that attractive, that seems for sure, at least according to this report.

(From CNBC)

“We see the potential for negative sentiment to impact demand and employee morale,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said in an investor note. “In our view, this is particularly a risk if the situation is not resolved relatively quickly.”

From recent reports “morale” is already a very serious issue at Tesla, and has been for along time.

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