Nick Gillespie on the NYT Op-Ed: “Venting that the president is an idiot and throwing a link to a Times piece on Bob Woodward’s new anti-Trump book, Fear, is hardly a profile in courage”

Nick Gillespie is one of the few prominent journalists out there who seems to have not lost his mind with Trump. We read him all the time and he is no Trump fan, but he recognizes that Trump is JUST A PRESIDENT.

Trump has faults. He has occasional good moves. He blunders. He can be ham handed. But he’s not the devil. He is, as we have explained in the past also, a mixed bag. Some good. Some bad. And consider the three presidents before Trump. Consider the insanity of their administrations. If they had gotten the kind of scrutiny Trump gets who knows what kind of nastiness would have been unearthed.

It is important that some people approach this moment in politics from a reasonable perspective. Nick Gillespie in the attached piece does.

(From Reason)

It’s patently absurd to elevate frictions within the Trump White House to an existential threat to the Republic. In fact, it’s the sort of overstatement that is worthy of, well, Donald Trump, who just doesn’t do nuance.

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