Nixon on Medicare-for-All: ‘Pass It and Then Figure Out How to Fund It’

This is a recipe for crony capitalism on a cosmic scale.

We’ll be blunt here. This is the problem with people who can’t think more than three steps ahead, and such people populate the big government side of the political spectrum especially. Then these folks get mad when the people who CAN think more than three steps ahead tell them that their ideas are “challenged.” (We don’t want to trigger them.) The simpler thinkers then accuse the more extrapolative thinkers of being uncaring or not seeing what they do.

No. It’s not that. We care. But YOU don’t see what we do.

But there are way more big government one or two step thinkers out there than multi-step thinkers. Yes, this is a bit harsh but it is also true. (And yes, we are of course the smart ones of course?) Too many people see a problem and first, don’t consider that maybe government CREATED the problem in the first place, and second then think addressing the problem with a sledgehammer is better than not addressing a problem at all (or letting the market solve a problem over time.) So they say things like, “We need to pass it to see what’s in it.”

Sledgehammer thinking. It’s just foolish. And costly.

(From The National Review)

Democratic New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon conceded on Wednesday that she has not formulated a plan to raise the billions in government revenue required to fund a universal health-care system, but she argued the state should implement the system regardless.

“Pass it and then figure out how to fund it,” Nixon told the New York Daily News editorial board when confronted with a Rand Corporation study indicating that it would cost the state between $96 billion and $200 billion to provide coverage to all New Yorkers, roughly doubling the $170 billion existing state budget.

OK, sounds legit. New York is a low tax state anyway right?

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