Obama says he’ll cancel his taxpayer funded speech in Denmark if the public gets to see how much he’s being paid

This is the Clinton thing all over again. Leave the White House. Become a conduit for crony capitalist money. Pretend you’re about “progress.” Rinse and repeat.

(From The Daily Caller)

Obama will participate in a moderated question and answer session on Sept. 28 at the University of Southern Denmark before local business leaders, university students and local dignitaries, according to Business Kolding, the event’s organizer.

But the event has already sparked criticism from citizens of Denmark’s Kolding Municipality, which is providing 750,000 kroner, or $117,000, in taxpayer funds to support the behind-closed-doors event titled “A Conversation with President Barack Obama.”

Obama’s haul will likely be twice that. But Obama doesn’t want us to know the details. Oh, and the university is running a deficit.

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