Republican Members of Congress Just Sent Jeff Sessions Yet Another Letter Asking Him To Stop Holding Up Marijuana Research


It is hard to see a silver lining to Jeff Sessions as Attorney General sometimes.

Suffering could be alleviated if he loosened up a bit on weed. In a bunch of ways. But there is a group of interests, some police, some feds, others, who do not want to see pot policy move forward in any way. Pot has been a cash crop for them for a long time.

Then add in just a little old fashioned American Puritanism.

(From Reason)

In short, Sessions has refused not only to allow the DEA to process these applications, but also to explain to Congress, applicants, or the public why he’s interfering in regulatory actions that are routine for companies seeking to manufacture schedule I and II substances other than cannabis.

At an April Senate hearing, Sessions said approving new research cannabis manufacturers could violate the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics.

Jeff Sessions, champion of The United Nations?

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