Rules and laws are for the little people, not the “progressives” in Washington DC


It’s an age old situation. It’s the Kennedy disease; people who are well off and who for some reason think that restricting opportunity and raising taxes on everyone is a good idea. After all, they live well and it makes them feel good to “work for a more just society.” It makes those drinks at the marina in Nantucket go down a little easier. Plus a few more percentage points on the income tax isn’t really going to affect them very much. They’re rich and have assets. Income is for, you know, business owners. Ew.

(From The National Review)

“Progressives conceive of themselves as a caste apart, a special and specialized group of enlightened men and women whose job it is to organize other people’s lives for them, a necessity because those people are too dumb to do it for themselves. And special people must enjoy special exemptions: Bernie Sanders can rail against the rich from his lakeside dacha, and Beto O’Rourke can lambast school-choice programs even though he himself ditched the public schools for the tony Woodberry Forrest boarding school, where tuition currently runs about $56,000 a year — a third more than the median household income in his native El Paso.

I’ve seen it in people quite close to me. There is nothing like hearing about how lowering taxes on everyday people is retrograde as one is riding through the leafy byways of Greenwich Connecticut.

But we’re the “deplorables.” Right.

As is pointed out in the attached article, “progressives,” seem to hold the rule of law itself in contempt. There is a sense that certain things are sacred in the “progressive” mind and that any means to achieve their ends is OK. Taken to the extreme this is the kind of thinking that drove people like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. These men had goals. So what if a few million people got in their way? Liquidate them.

It is unlikely that American progs are going to start shuffling people into boxcars, but the assault on free speech and the Constitution coming from that corner should be of concern to pretty much everyone who isn’t a “progressive.” There is a reason we have a Bill of Rights, to check people who think ends justify means. In many respects to check so called progressive policy.

There is no enlightened political class. It doesn’t exist. But there is a group of people who are sure they actually ARE enlightened and as such have a divine right to societal leadership. And that is dangerous.

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