Scarborough: Trump A ‘Far Graver Threat to the Idea of America’ Than 9/11 Attack

That is Valerie Jarret Obama’s “advisor” sitting next to Joe on his left. No, she wasn’t a threat to “America”, nor his boss. Nothing crony about this relationship.


And the 100 or so people who run the Old Media don’t understand why so much of the country just holds them in contempt.

Trump is a threat (all modern presidents are threats to liberty and freedom) but the Patriot Act under Bush was AOK I guess? That whole waging a war of choice in Iraq didn’t undermine the idea of America? Obama’s ongoing assault on Constitutionalists via the IRS didn’t undermine “America”? What happened under Obama at the FBI leading up to the election wasn’t a threat to America?

(From Mediaite)

Since cable news seems to bring out the hyperbole in everyone when prompted,  Scarborough appeared to go a bit further than the print version. “America is an idea,” he said, adding  ‘You gut America of an idea, that is when you do the most harm.”

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