Some Recently Fired VA Employees May Soon Be Reinstated With Back Pay

The swamp isn’t just going to go away. It is nasty and it is deep. The federal bureauocracy at current levels is a heavy burden on taxpayers. But this matters little to the army of federal employees. (And the politicians who make sure these employees get paid.)

(From Government Executive)

The Veterans Affairs Department may soon have to reinstate many of the employees it fired over the last year, following a ruling from a third-party arbitrator that said the agency has violated a collective bargaining agreement in enforcing one of the key reforms signed into law by President Trump.

The ruling, if upheld, would impact employees represented by the American Federation of Government Employees who faced adverse action under the 2017 VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. Trump, VA and lawmakers in both parties have heralded the law as a significant step in cracking down on malfeasant and poorly performing employees, but its enforcement has been mired in controversy since its passage.

The swamp thinks no one can drain it. That it is bigger than the American people. To date it’s been right. There’s a lot of crony money sloshing around DC, and the cronies in government aren’t just going to give it up.

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