Sports Betting Just Became Legal. Naturally, Chuck Schumer Now Wants to Regulate It.

That’s the way it goes. The state, the government cronies, always want their cut.

If the mafia isn’t getting it anymore (or is getting much less) why should the politicians just leave it on the table? I mean, it’s time to hook up political contributors right? Wait…

Where there’s a regulation, almost without exception, there is a crony interest making money off of that regulation.

(From Reason)

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, who first reported it, Schumer’s bill would require sportsbooks to share reports of suspicious activities with state and federal regulators, and would give leagues the ability to determine which bets would be allowed. His plan would also require that sportsbooks only use offical league data—such as final scores and player statistics—which they would have to purchase from the leagues, probably for a hefty sum.

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