Stupid: Venezuela jails 34 store managers on charges of price gouging


So the socialist government blows up the economy by instituting all sorts of price controls and regulations and now arrests store managers because they are dealing with the catastrophe caused by the clueless government.

These managers have likely done little wrong, but economic reality offends the Chavismo cronies.

Sounds like late stage socialism to us.

Look, the market ALWAYS finds a way.

(From Reuters)

A new system to pay for Venezuela’s gas will be extended nationwide on Monday, Maduro said. Venezuelans will be able to use a controversial state-issued “fatherland card” to fill their tanks, Maduro added, promising further details next week.

Maduro also blasted banks, giving them 48 hours to “free” the cash they were hoarding.

“Hoarding.” Please. When one hears the word “hoarding” used one can pretty safely assume that the person using the word in an economic context doesn’t have a strong grasp of the concept of supply and demand.

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