The EU Threatens the Existence of Memes

Memes in many respects are a new form of literature. They can be powerful and the powers that be are well aware of this. This isn’t really about copyright. It’s about the cronies in Brussels controlling information. The Internet and the serfs have gotten a little too wild of late. Online Europeans are getting a little too uppity. Ban all the memes!

Brussels is a crony swamp that may be worse even than Washington DC. This is an example of “copyright” and supposed corporate interests being used by the government cronies for their ends.

(From Mises)

Even if tech companies decide to limit these restrictions to only EU users, this could simply be start of trend by state powers around the world. Considering how memes have been used around the world to undermine authoritarian regimes my spreading ideas, such a move wouldn’t be at all surprising.

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