The Once Golden State: A generation plans an exodus from California

“How much longer you reckon till we hit a state with pro-business disposition and reasonable levels of taxation Ma?”
“I don’t know son. I don’t know. Just get us out of California.”


Not everyone is leaving California. Mostly just the productive middle class. The part of the population that gets taxed and regulated to death. The part of the population that “benefits” least from the expanding system of cronyism in California.

California is drifting into a sort of dim economic netherworld which runs on delusion, good weather, unbridled welfarism, and stifling regulation. The state has deep and systemic problems. Consider the horrible state of its schools, yet the teacher’s unions rule the roost thanks to a one party Democrat dominated electoral system in the once golden state.

But it’s the seventh (or whatever) largest economy in the world we are told. Well, technically The Soviet Union was number two until 1988.

California is becoming a place for the very rich and the very poor. Like other third World countries.

(From the Orange County Register)

In the Bay Area, according to ULI, 74 percent of millennials are considering an exodus. It appears paying high prices to live permanently as renters in dense, small apartments — the lifestyle most promoted by planners, the media and the state — may not be as attractive as advertised.

Seriously, who wants to be an adult and live in box? Not anyone who knows better.

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