Theresa May unveils her global sales pitch to business on New York trip, declaring: ‘Brexit Britain will be land of low tax and opportunity’

Let us hope so. This would be good for the world and for Britain.

Labour and Jeremy Corbyn no doubt vomit at such a prospect, but if the UK were to become a low tax refuge (broadly speaking) and a land of opportunity, Britain will reap rewards.

What this means of course we’ll have to see. Britain has it’s own version of crony capitalism with The City of London right at the heart of it. (We haven’t forgotten the LIBOR scandal, though everyone else seems to have.)

(From The Daily Mail)

In a pitch to corporate leaders to invest in the UK, Mrs May will say the British economy will be ‘knowledge-rich, highly innovative, highly skilled and high quality but with low tax and smart regulation’.

Her speech to the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York will put clear blue water between the Conservatives and Labour.

This man leads Labour and would like to replace May. Hammer and sickle and all.

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