Trump says he could use the MILITARY to build his wall if Congress won’t fund it through Homeland Security’s budget

A senior military person once told me that elected politicians in Washington use the military as a policy dumping ground. This was true for Clinton. It was true for Bush. It was true for Obama. Now it looks to be true with Trump.

It needs to mentioned that someone somewhere is going to get paid big time while building the wall. Inflated contracts are pretty much a guarantee. That’s how works programs work. They are fundamentally crony.

(From Daily Mail)

President Donald Trump said Friday that he’s considering using military resources to finish construction of his long-promised border wall instead of relying on Congress to fund the project through the Homeland Security Department’s budget.

He also wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of a government shutdown if Democrats continue to confound his efforts to appropriate money for the project on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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