Vatican says OK to Communist Party appointed bishops in China

One has to wonder what Pope John Paul would have thought about communists appointing bishops.

Alas, Francis, steeped in Argentine Peronism and leftist crony dogma is no Pope John Paul. Perhaps it makes sense then that he would “cave” to the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State.

One has to also wonder if this pope would have been OK with say, Donald Trump appointing priests. (Not that this is in any way a good idea.) We’ll bet not. But like Google, the Catholic Church doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunities to be had in a rising China, even if that means compromising its expressed values. So what’s a little forced abortion? Nothing Rome can’t get past it seems.

(From The Daily Caller)

The Vatican reached a breakthrough in negotiations with China by acquiescing to Beijing’s demands to recognize eight bishops appointed by the country’s communist government.

Chinese and Vatican officials announced Saturday that they had signed a “provisional agreement” to the effect that the Vatican would recognize eight bishops appointed by China’s communist government without papal approval and that all of China’s bishops would now be considered in full communion with the church.

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