Venezuela’s Socialist President Feasts on Steak, Smokes Cigars While Citizens Starve

Socialism works for the socialists, not the people.

This is even true in the Nordic countries that some Americans (who mostly have never been to the Nordic countries) want to believe is some frozen Shangri La of “social democracy.”

Why it is so hard for some people to understand that “socialism” is fundamentally crony and exploitive is unclear. Perhaps it’s the hope of “justice,” or just plain unhappiness and envy. Perhaps it’s the hope that something, if not traditional religion, then perhaps the Church of Marx, will finally make things “right.”

The Nomenklatura always exploits the unconnected. The crony class always exploits those outside of the crony system. This is as true in Chicago as it was true in the Soviet Union as it is true in Venezuela. Big government is a con. The bigger the government the bigger the corruption.

(From Bloomberg)

On his way back home from a trip to Asia, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro stopped off in Turkey to dine at one of butcher sensation Nusret Gökçe’s Nusr-Et restaurants where he sampled steaks and smoked cigars from a personalized box.

Maduro visited Nusr-Et, known for its $100 rib-eye, after making an official trip to China in hopes of securing financing for cash-strapped Venezuela.

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