While you were looking the other way: Another giant spending bill about to become law

The Kavanaugh hearings have gripped the country. All eyes have been trained on the Senate committee room. Meanwhile another bloated spending bill, from a Republican Congress, made its way to the President’s desk.

These things always happen around the holidays or when something else big blows up. The media bandwidth is only so broad, and there are sexier stories than Congress spending the taxpayer’s money and running up the debt.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

The House passed an appropriations bill on Wednesday that increases military spending for the next fiscal year and keeps the government open through Dec. 7, leaving the legislation in President Trump’s hands days before funding expires on Oct. 1…

…The bill, which passed 361-61, funds the Defense, Education, Labor and Health and Human Services departments and is the second in a set of so-called minibus appropriations bills Congress passed before the end of the federal fiscal year.

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