Who knew immigration judges had a UNION? Head of union fears change coming from Trump administration, Fears accountability requirements

Weren’t unions supposed to be for machinists and pipe fitters?

To be in a union is to acknowledge that one is labor and not essentially a “professional” or management. (Not that we are trying to insult machinists or pipe fitter ranks who we are sure are full of professionals. We are making a mostly political distinction here.) But immigration judges? What? Are judges going to go on strike?

Sounds like some would like to.

This is another example of government employee unions as tools of cronyism. Government employees are supposed to work for, but also SERVE the American people. Public employee unions encourage an adversarial relationship between the citizens and government employees.

Hey, at least it’s out in the open.

(From Government Executive)

In a rare public speech at the National Press Club in Washington on Friday, the union president for the Justice Department’s immigration judges slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ plan to impose quotas and deadlines on immigration courts to address the backlog that has risen to 750,000 cases…

…The “performance measure” policy of requiring all the current roster of 400 judges to process 700 cases a year and complete 95 percent within the initial hearing relies on “artificial numbers” that are “not only insulting but a direct contradiction of what it means to be judge,” Tabaddor said.

We get it. It’s a mixture of wanting to be able to slow walk policy and the insistence on accountability that the judges, federal employees, don’t like. What a surprise.

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