Why do big government people so fear Kavanaugh?, Part of it is because he may challenge the regulatory cronies in government


There are a number of reasons of course. It is fair to say that the big government wing of government is generally inclined toward abortion rights and for a certain very vocal constituency this is of extreme importance. However, more broadly speaking the big government people are probably more fearful that Kavanaugh will rule in future court cases against what is called the Chevron Doctrine.

This “doctrine” essentially holds that if Congress writes a law, and it passes, the executive agencies can then create their own policy in any perceived gaps in those laws. This gives enormous powers to the agencies (and the cronies therein) to manipulate the law. It also gives more power to the Executive Branch than was intended under the Constitution. (Though “living document” big government politicians would likely argue otherwise.)

Government itself is the great enabler of crony capitalism. Who writes the laws? In large, part the lobbyists of large companies, unions and other vested interests. Who then populates the regulatory agencies? Often, people who come from large companies, unions, and other vested interests. In other words in order to curtail the crony state agencies themselves must be brought to heal. Not because they are enemies of big business or other vested interests, but largely because they are all too friendly to certain businesses, unions, and other interests. Kavanaugh MIGHT challenge this cozy relationship.

(From The American Conservative)

The tip of the spear was the Chevron Doctrine, which, in the bluntest terms, means the government bureaucracy almost always wins, attracting ever more growing power and leverage over private entities while deep-pocketed and well-represented corporations climb on board…

…What too many people don’t understand is that the Big Business/Big Government tandem is a killer of opportunity and innovation for small business, which creates more than two-thirds of all new jobs and has historically served as a feeder of American innovation—from Charles Kettering in his garage before going to General Motors, up to the current crop in Silicon Valley, where startups have blossomed and transformed the modern technology landscape.

We live in a time now, which in many ways was heralded by the Obama administration’s over the top cronyism and agency activism, where the supposed defenders of the little guy are actually doing the bidding now of the established crony class. Allowing the regulatory state to continue unchecked is to allow the expansion of the crony capitalist system. Kavanaugh may challenge this status quo. Many cronies fear this.

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