Working for TSA Is Only Thing Worse Than Being Searched by TSA, Report Finds


It doesn’t look like a nice way to make a living. But we suppose being a TSA agent really shouldn’t be a pleasant occupation either.

Republicans of the Bush era liked the TSA (kind of) because it meant “protecting the homeland,” and it meant new hardware needed to be bought from eager federal contractors (who liked Republican politicians.) Dems liked it because the Transportation Security Administration would soon be populated with lots of new federal employees. Now however, it seems no one likes the TSA, including the people at the TSA.

And that is as it should be.

(From Reason)

The TSA is also plagued by a “toxic” workplace culture where senior officials’ misconduct goes unpunished and those who threaten to speak out face retaliation, according to a report from Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform…

…The toxic combination of unchecked misconduct by senior officials and retaliation against rank-and-file whistleblowers undermined employee morale, reflected in the agency’s astronomical attrition rates (as high as 20 percent in some segments of the workforce during the period in question) and abysmal ranking in a government-wide job satisfaction survey (336 out of 339 agencies and components in 2017).

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