15 Pro-Pot Congressmen Complain to Trump Admin. About Plan to Buy Canadian Cannabis

Sessions’s hand is here of course.

The Dems aren’t the only one’s resisting change at this point, our AG absolutely refuses to accept that the country has moved far beyond him on the issue of cannabis legalization. And though Mr. Sessions has been thwarted in many respects on the pot issue, he has made a habit of making any progress on the cannabis industry front as difficult as possible.

Pot should be treated like beer or wine. And it took a while for those industries to really get reestablished post prohibition too we suppose. (Largely do to government restrictions and shakedowns.) It’ll take a while before artisan marijuana farms start popping up like vineyards. But they likely will. However, Jeff Sessions doesn’t want to see it on his watch. For whatever reason.

(From CNS News)

“Considering the recent decision by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to approve the importation from Canada of marijuana for research, we write with deep concern and with questions over the delay in approving addition approved domestic manufacturers of cannabis for this same purpose.”

“On April 18, 2017, President Trump issued an executive order to ‘Buy American and Hire American.’ Despite the Department of Justice (DOJ) and DEA possessing over two dozen applications from qualified domestic manufacturers, however, DEA approved the importation of cannabis products from Canada.

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