A D.C. Metro Track Inspector Was Fired for Filing False Reports. The Union Just Got His Job Back.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Washington DC is government employee heaven. The entire city runs on money taken from the rest of the country. And the culture of government employee entitlement permeates through everything right down to the local level.

Hey never mind that this inspector falsified records for the tracks of the mass transportation system that runs in and out of the nation’s capital which has in the past been subject to attack.

But get this, this guy’s manager apparently taught him to falsify records.

(From Reason)

All of which leaves Metro riders with two bad possibilities: Either this is a case of a public sector union fighting to get incompetent workers back on the job—a job that is directly connected to the safety of Metro riders—or it’s another sign that WMATA is horribly mismanaged to the point where officials are scapegoating employees they themselves failed to properly train.

It’s likely both in our estimation and knowing Metro and DC culture all too well.

Regardless, the report seems to indicate you’d be expecting too much if you expect the D.C. Metro to have accurate track inspections completed by competent employees overseen by thorough managers.

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