Alabama’s Biased, Punitive, and Expensive War on Marijuana Is Ruining Lives

The war on drugs is terribly crony as we’ve often explained. Some elements within police, Pharma, some parts of the booze lobby, other interests, are happy to keep the drug war going. The cost to taxpayers and too society is immense. The continued prohibition of cannabis is a particularly nonsensical part of the drug war. In terms of impact on lives, prohibition is far worse any of the effects of the “evil” weed.

(From Reason)

“Alabama’s war on marijuana is a monumental waste of tax dollars, undermines public safety, and is enforced with a staggering racial bias,” said Frank Knaack, executive director of Alabama Appleseed…”Even an arrest for the possession of a small amount of marijuana can upend somebody’s life by limiting their access to employment, housing and college loan programs, and leaving them trapped in a never-ending cycle of court debt.”

In some places if you smoke cannabis, pot, ganja, herb, you can go to jail, have your voting rights taken away, your gun rights taken away, and all sorts of other penalties. We need to consider, even in Alabama, whether continued prohibition makes any sense at all.

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