Bloomberg: Revealing the Dark Side of Wind Power

Credit: Oimheidi


We are for wind, and for solar, for tidal, for algae, for pedal power, for “alternative” energies across the board. Why not? But they must make sense. All too often industries that are subsidized heavily end up spinning off into an economic never never land that burdens the taxpayers and creates crony constituencies. That is largely what happened with Obama’s “green rush,” where alternative energy money (from taxpayers) found its way to all sorts of connected politicians and funders. Worse, these subsidies can fund technologies that are not only anti-market, but also anti-“green.” This is such an example.

(From Bloomberg)

Research published today may help clarify the situation — and it’s not encouraging for wind-power enthusiasts. It suggests that the power available from wind is much more limited than many experts thought, and that deployment on a larger scale could significantly raise temperatures over the Earth’s surface, as turbines alter atmospheric flows.

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