Brexit Battle: Boris Johnson and Theresa May square off, Future of Britain determined by the victor?


The cronies want to kill Brexit. They resent that the people of Britain told them to take a hike.

They resent that people in the Midlands prevailed over the people of London. They resent that Britain decided to remain Britain. The anti-Brexit people, funded to some degree by George Soros and similar people, even want another vote. The cronies, the banks, people like the new mayor of London Sadiq Kahn, didn’t get what they wanted so they are trying to get a redo. They are trying to make sure the cord to Europe (dominated by Germany, and to a lesser degree France) is not cut completely. They want to be a European colony.

When I was a small child I lived in London and I was taught never to call someone who was British, “European.” Brits were Brits. The Continent was the Continent.

Prime Minister May has been trying to walk a tightrope between the anti-Brexit people and the pro-Brexit people, particularly in her own party. Boris Johnson, the charismatic former mayor of London (how this ever happened we’d like to know considering the direction London has gone since his departure), has increasingly looked to push May right off of that tightrope by claiming May is selling the country out to Europe wither “Chequers” plan.

(From The Daily Mail)

‘What the Chequers proposals show is that the United Kingdom, for all its power and might and network of influences around the world, for all its venerable parliamentary history, was ultimately unable to take back control.

‘And instead of reasserting our ability to make our own laws, the UK will be effectively paraded in manacles down the Rue de la Loi like Caractacus.’

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