California Cops Can’t Hide Body Cam Footage of Police Shootings Anymore


Police body cameras are a good idea. When citizens and cops cross paths it is wise to have a recording of what transpired. This is good for both the police officers and the public. Though some segments of the police, particularly police unions, have fought the cameras.

Police enforce the law, but they are not above the law. Cameras help police the police.

(From Reason)

With little fanfare and no statement, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that allows the public to learn details from investigations of police shootings, major use-of-force incidents and officers who may have falsified reports, planted evidence or committed a sexual assault. This is a no-brainer in a free society, but it took civil libertarians 12 years of work to overcome the scare tactics of police unions, GOP legislators and other members of the Secrecy Lobby.

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