China Targets Control Over Internet of Things for Spying, Business

This should not be surprising to US policy makers.

At least we hope not. It should be no shock that the “Internet of things” has such priority in the world’s Ultimate Crony Capitalist State. With the “Internet of things” the state can keep an eye on the most minute details of life. One can only expect manufacturers in China (and sadly elsewhere) to make it easy for the state to access device back doors, and even front doors.

Again we direct our readers to the book produced by two Chinese mid-level military officers in the late 1990s, entitled Unrestricted Warfare. Think, toasters as weapons. We’re not kidding.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

China is aggressively seeking to dominate the Internet of Things and plans to use access to billions of networked electronic devices for intelligence-gathering, sabotage, and business purposes, according to a forthcoming congressional report.

China for nearly a decade has been investing heavily in the emerging technology on the Internet of Things (IoT) and has made outpacing similar U.S. efforts one of the ruling Communist Party of China’s highest strategic goals.

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