Colbert Show Writer: “Whatever happens I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life”


We have issues with Justice Kavanaugh on a number of points, particularly around the 4th Amendment. If he continues to rule for the police state, which he very possibly will, we will be disappointed and we will call him out. On other things he is reasonably good however. There was room for debate around his confirmation, particularly on 4th Amendment issues. That should have been the focus.

But there was little of that. (Largely because the Democratic Party is fine with violations of the 4th Amendment.) No, the Dems decided to drop political napalm on their target because they thought it fit their “the GOP is anti-woman” mantra. They thought they could work the hearings to make a statement for the militant feminist wing of the Democratic Party (which also give lots of money), perhaps deal a blow to Trump by derailing Kavanaugh, maybe even delay the confirmation until after the election, which would then motivate said feminist wing to the polls. If they got really lucky they might win the House and the Senate, and then the march would be full on toward Trump’s impeachment. (Not that they could remove him from office even with impeachment.)

This was the tack. And they sought to ruin a man’s life in pursuit of it.

If there was evidence of sexual assault, this would change the equation. We know victims of rape. We care about these people very much. However, in the Kavanaugh case there is no evidence of such a crime, and the fact that this accusation was massaged by Feinstein and the Dems in such a calculating way did not help Ford’s case.

The sentiment reflected by the writer for the Colbert Report is typical we think of a certain group in this country on this Sunday. “At least we ruined (his) life”. What kind of person says such a thing? There are lots of people we don’t like. But we don’t want their “lives ruined.” To desire such a thing reflects a darkness that is too often on display with the very radical PC activist crowd.

By the way, Stephen Colbert’s father pronounced his name ColBERT. With a hard “t.” His son however appears to have thought that the French affectation was better for his career.*


*We long enjoyed Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show. He was legitimately funny. However, somewhere about the time his sister lost her Congressional bid a few years ago Colbert hardened and became the partisan mouthpiece he is today. He seems to be heading down the David Letterman route. Once very funny, then a decent into angry old dude.