Crony Capitalists Gonna Crony: Fund Led by Steyer and Soros Rolling Out State-Focused Donations, Strategy

It’s one thing for a super rich guy/gal who made his or her fortune in the private sector to advocate for limited government. It is an altogether different thing when a super rich guy/gal starts advocating for larger government. Pretty much without exception this advocacy has a crony angle. This is George Soros’s MO, and Steyer, kind of the poor man’s California version of Soros, operates in the same way. And don’t forget Mr. Bloomberg.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

The Washington Free Beacon previously reported that the group, State Victory Action, donated $500,000 to an independent expenditure committee in Colorado in support of the Democratic gubernatorial nominee. However, a state-by-state review of other records shows SVA is also active in Minnesota, Maine, New Mexico, and Nevada, totaling about $1.7 million in disclosed funding thus far in state campaign finance reports.

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