Democrats Dumbfounded To Find That Women Think For Themselves About Politics

When people like Nancy Pelosi, or Liz Warren, or Rachael Maddow talk about “empowering women,” they don’t mean all women. They mean women who agree with them. They mean members of the gender union who follow commands and talking points blindly in the name of “equity.”

What these activists don’t understand is that radical “feminism” –  and there is nothing wrong with equality under the law, respect for women generally, women in leadership both in politics and in the corporate boardroom – is a relatively small minority of women in the US. Not every woman drives a Prius with a dog cage in the back, and a “my other car is a broom” bumper sticker plastered on it. Many women are mothers, and taxpayers, and libertarians, and conservatives, and black, and white, and pro-life, and pro-choice, and who knows what else. The idea that women are supposed to be some kind of block that votes for abortion rights, wears p—y hats, wants big government as a boyfriend and sugar daddy, hates men and “patriarchy,” and so on is not reality. Women, like men, have many different things that drive them. We are HUMAN BEINGS. We are all HUMAN BEINGS. Just because a woman doesn’t sign up for the feminist union (some would call it a cult) doesn’t mean their opinion isn’t every bit as worthy as a feminist union member.

Some of us don’t want to see things in tribalist identitarian terms. Black, white, man, women, gay, straight, whatever, many of us see beyond the divisive rhetoric that is in fashion now with some. This “offends” some.

Deal. Some women think for themselves.

(From The Federalist)

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), whose announcement of her “Yes” vote removed doubt of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, is being tormented by the left for “betraying women.” Perhaps her decision is not the one they had hoped for, but Collins’s choice was a prime example of a woman standing up for what she believes, despite tremendous pressure to do otherwise.

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