Elon Musk mocks SEC as ‘Shortseller Enrichment Commission’ days after settling fraud charges

It looks to us that Musk is doing plenty to help the shortsellers all by himself. Firing up a dube on a widely watched interview program doesn’t exactly instill confidence in shareholders. Neither do false statements about taking Tesla private.

Musk’s long ridden the crony gravy train and he is used to being liked. Right now his mettle is being tested as a crony capitalist. We have to think that he has enough crony chits saved up to get through this but it seems almost like he doesn’t want to get through it. He just keeps tweeting.

(From CNBC)

Musk has often been outspoken about short sellers, investors who are betting against Tesla, accusing them of spreading “negative propaganda” or being “unreasonably maligned.”…

…The SEC’s complaint, filed last week, suggests Musk tweeted the take-private proposal, in part, to lift the company’s value stock and punish short sellers.

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